Facials & Massage

Visit us for a relaxing and rejuvenating facial or massage. You’ll receive 5-star treatment from our beauty therapists with exclusive products from Australian owned skin care company, Aspect Dr. The clinical skincare products support the skin and address all skin conditions, concerns and include key ingredients that reduce the signs of ageing.

Express Facial

This 30 minute treatment utilises two cleanses to thoroughly clean your skin with ingredients containing lactic acid and Kakadu plum. After cleansing, we use steam to open pores, followed by a period of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. During this step, ingredients such as green tea, vitamin c, and aloe vera, are used to help brighten the skin. We then mask and massage to hydrate and nourish the skin. The final step is to moisturise with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin e.

Deep Cleanse Facial & Delux Facial

Our 45 minute and 60 minute facials utilise the same methods as the Express Facial, however with an extended focus on deep cleansing pores, extracting, exfoliating, and massaging.

Facial benefits include:

  • Healthier skin tone appearance due to a boost in circulation
  • A radient glow
  • Reduced stress
  • Hydrated and soft skin

Facials can be performed after fillers to enhance muscle tone and rejuvenate the skin, complementing the filler treatment.


Treatment Price
Express Facial, 30 minutes $50
Deep Cleanse Facial, 45 minutes $65
Delux Facial, 60 minutes $85


Treatment Price
Indian Head Massage 20 minutes $30
Neck, Back & Shoulders 30 minutes $50
Relaxation Massage 60 minutes $80
Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes $90