Migraine Treatment

We wouldn’t wish a migraine upon our worst enemy. They’re debilitating headaches that cause intense pulsing or throbbing pain, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Our migraine treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to treat chronic migraines. Multiple injections are given around the head and neck to dull future headache symptoms and aid in migraine prevention. The treatment relaxes the muscles and in some cases can help to reduce wrinkles as well as treat your migraine symptoms. Most clients find any effect on their appearance is complimentary. You should see a reduction in pain within four weeks of the first treatment. Results have been shown to be maintained over time, with regular treatments at 3-4 monthly intervals.

How long will the Migraine treatment last?

Some patients report relief from migraines for periods between three to four months. Each patient will respond differently to the treatment. In your consultation, you can discuss expected results with Dr Auteri, based on the type of migraine and symptoms you experience, before committing to a treatment.

The important question… Is it safe?

Worldwide, the therapy solution for treating migraines has been used since 1989 for a variety of medical conditions, including cerebral palsy in children and movement disorders (head, neck, shoulder and face).